Happy clients & neighbors:


Today we were trimming and tending weeds on the bank and a man stopped and told us how wonderful the yard looked.  He thanked us for the natural look, etc.  We told him we are very pleased with the way it turned out.

It was so nice to hear that others appreciate what we’ve done!  Thought you would like to know that your hard work and talent is appreciated and admired!


Renee & Brad B. – Boise

Glenn to the rescue!


DISASTER!  That is the best word to describe my back yard in the North End [of Boise].  Years of neglect – coupled with a dog, four chickens and a pet pig (yes, you read that correctly) served to reduce my small fenced yard to ruin.  I moved into my home in 2007; the house had been fixed up & “flipped” when I bought it.  The yard was a combination of old trees & shrubs mixed with small & predictable plants from the big box stores.  The dog & chickens started the decline… but it was Napoleon the pygmy pot-bellied pig who finished the job.  He rooted up every blade of grass in the back, dislodged the paving stones, and then he dug holes & tunnels in the mud – much to the delight of the chickens who followed in his wake.  After the piggy’s departure to his new home (no, we didn’t eat him), Glenn came to the rescue.  Where I saw mud & destruction; he saw possibility.  I had a mess – Glenn had a vision of what it could be.

Along with the vision came a plan.  After a few visits to local nurseries to choose specific trees, I realized that it was best for me to let Glenn take over & create my new yard.  And what a beautiful space it is now!  I love to spend time in my new back yard.  Family & friends are delighted as well while we enjoy visiting & eating meals surrounded by dozens of new trees, shrubs and flowers.  My yard is small but it feels like a lush and colorful room this summer – an extension of my house & deck.  As the plants grow & fill in, the space will feel even more defined & intimate.  I like to give some of the credit to Napoleon for his expert “aeration services”; but Glenn is responsible for the wonderful result.  Out of disaster he created beauty.


Carolyn C. – Boise